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12-Feb-2020 02:13

@Marcos Zeitola Good job, it does seem like your thread actually finally got rid of him.

I read it and it's like all of a sudden he got really butthurt and just left.

You will find a lot of the Filipino's today still dislike Japanese and even Asians in general and like white people.

This is the whole reason the celebrities tend to be paler and white mixed more. The actual dark skin in these SE Asians is from something called Negrito admixture also. To me in general Asian women and white women have a different type of beauty.

Some 7000 years ago the Mongoloids who came to existence in northern China had made it down to the south east Asia area and they essentially took over and interbred with the Negrito natives and as a result the SE Asians are not really true Mongoloids and also not true Negrito or Australoids either. For my personal tastes I find the following white woman to be beautiful.

Countries that are known for this mixture are Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia. Not sure about the others on here but I guess I shouldn't care.

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If you prefer Asian women then somehow it's a fetish. If these people are going to claim this then they have to also claim that Asian men would all be pedophiles for liking the exact same women. sigh Then it apparently had excerpts from Asian women who mastered in social sciences and these Asian women were saying that they knew when a white man had an Asian fetish when he would look at them and had a GF already. He was a clown, a buffoon, and he had overstayed his welcome. Society shames you for a whole bunch of things, but society is f***ed up so why does it matter? And let every negative reaction, every nasty article you hear or read, strengthen you in your belief that you have made the right choice. But if I was to date only white women pretty sure no one would hate. But I guess if I liked black women I would get some hate from both white women and white men.sigh Also most black women are angry at losing their men to white women predominately. Same with a black woman, they may say you go for them because white women don't want you. Seen quite a few black-Asian couples in the Philippines, too. I guess with his 180 IQ he could be doing anything. I remember he would make multiple threads about how he gets 9/10 chicks and makes all this money and is so awesome. I in fact know 2 women from the Philippines and asked them both and they claimed they didn't want black men and even claimed to want half white babies.

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