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As explained through previous news, we believe we have found a really nice middle ground that will please the... You will have 3 weeks to complete all the challenges we propose.More Hello Citizens of Dalaran, As we have received many suggestions and requests to extend our Anniversary's perks, we are happy to announce that you can continue enjoying the x2 experience and Refer a Friend perks until the 10th of September. This tournament will require to perform different tasks through every Wo TLK Tier starting from the Tier 7. More Hello community, We are really thankful for the massive participation in the Survey, it is really exciting to see so many players collaborating and giving their opinions.As the real world has begun to see the benefits of connecting – the amplification of knowledge and exponential learning possible (Siemens, 2005; Surowiecki, 2004; Conole, 2012), so to has the World of Warcraft.Virtual communities where ideas and data are disseminated such as Wowpedia, Wowwiki, the official Blizzard forums, Wowhead, and MMO-Champion, offer a plethora of user-generated data (Conole, 2012).For example, a World of Warcraft based subgroup on Reddit host weekly forum discussions (Tanking Tuesdays, Midweek Mending, Firepower Friday) where high-performing players drop in to offer technical assistance and advice.The collaborative knowledge construction within these virtual spaces creates valuable networks of information for World of Warcraft players – both experienced and newbie alike (Chiu, Hsu & Wang, 2006).World of Warcraft (in its most recent expansion, Warlords of Draenor) constitutes a vibrant knowledge ecosystem (Seely Brown, 2010), growing in and around itself participant driven knowledge networks where information is generated, dispersed, and analysed.

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We are currently studying and discussing the results; we will keep you posted about any decision we take in the near future. More We want to welcome the hottest event of the year! We are just warming up, but get ready to light this place up!

Let's start playing with fire as a Torch Juggler, then you can do a Burning Hot Pole Dance but if that is not hot enough for you, you can visit the bonfires to...

As of 2010, Wowwiki had 80,000 pages and 4 to 5 million pageviews a month – half of the World of Warcraft gaming population (Flavelle, 2010).

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As World of Warcraft is in a constant state of patch tweaking and content release, editable sites like wikis are important tools to grapple with the contingent nature of the associated knowledge (Carrington, 2009; Coulter, 2014).This case-study has aimed to provoke thinking regarding the complex nature of information behaviour within World of Warcraft, and how this environment could be leveraged in the development of information literacy.

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