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21-Oct-2019 09:24

Kate Hudson has been dating Danny Fujikawa for a few months now. Fujikawa founded Lightwave Records in 2013 with Chris Acosta, the lead singer of The Delta Mirror.

They started it “as a way to release their music on their own terms.” Since its inception, Lightwave has released The Delta Mirror’s second album, Fujikawa previously sang backup vocals and played guitar for the band Chieg, which he formed with his brother Michael Fujikawa.

They created the band in 2008 and released “The Castle is Gone” the same year.

Their most well-known songs are “Mighty Proud,” “Breaking Walls,” and “Night and Day.” Their first album, , dropped in 2010, and the band broke up in 2011.

“I always thought I’d have four to six kids,” the newly named WW ambassador said Thursday on the “Today” show.In later interviews, Kate revealed that she and Matt worked hard at the relationship but admitted that it became obvious that they wanted different things from life and thought it would be best to remain just friends and raise their child in a healthy environment.

"So I tell [the moms I coach] that even if it doesn't work out, you know you were loved and it can happen again."Sometimes, she says, single moms can get stuck on fear, whether it's the fear that no one will want to date them or the fear that they'll always be alone.… continue reading »

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