Who is sophia loren dating

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They annulled their marriage because Carlo was still married with his first wife and they do want to escape their bigamy charges.She became mother for the first time in her life with Carlo Ponti after being married with him for the second time.Her carer took a turn for the better when she encountered filmmaker Carlo Ponti whom she would later marry.Ponti revamped her image including her name, changing it from Sofia Lazzaro to Sophia Loren, taking a cue from the Swedish actress Märta Torén.Sophia’s mom was an aspiring actress and piano teacher.

She has also been honored by the Golden Globes, USA several times in her life.

Considered a screen goddess during her prime, Italian actress Sophia Loren reigned in the film industry from the 1950s to the late 2000s when her activity slowly began to wane.