Vb net combo box validating

08-Aug-2020 05:23

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The validator controls including Rad Combo Box, have a Validation Group property.The Rad Combo Box validation is activated only by those validators whose Validation Group property matches the Validation Group property of the Rad Combo Box.Even so, we can think in general terms about the kind of data validation required for a typical application, and how it might be implemented.Some common data validation requirements are outlined below.Proceed as follows: Name: lbl Password Note Auto Size: False Font: Microsoft Sans Serif, 10pt Location: 603, 269Size: 261, 53Text: "Note: "Password must be between six and sixteen characters in length and contain only letters and numbers"Text Align: Middle Right) is often used to describe this kind of validation.The idea is that a human being will be able to solve a relatively easy arithmetic problem whereas a robotic program would not even recognise it as such (in a real-world implementation the sum would not only be randomly generated, but would be presented as a slightly distorted or noisy image in order to prevent an intelligent robot from being able to decipher the question).Data validation rules can also make an application more user friendly, since they enable the program to warn the user immediately when there is a problem rather than simply allowing them to continue entering data until the program crashes or some other problem occurs.

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Private Sub Combo Box3_Validating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. ACE.oledb.12.0; Data Source=C:\Users\edenzam\Desktop\CBFMNHS Enrollment System\CBFMNHS Enrollment System\bin\Debug\Enrollment System.accdb") Dim ewaaa As String = "Select * from Schedulings where Year Levels = '" & Combo Box3. Text & "' " com = New Ole Db Command(ewaaa, con) con. If the reader has 0 rows (Has Rows = False), the data entered doesn't exist so you can continue on and allow the database to add that entry. Selected Index Changed con = New Ole Db Connection("Provider= Microsoft. Private Sub Combo Box3_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System. ACE.oledb.12.0; Data Source=C:\Users\edenzam\Desktop\CBFMNHS Enrollment System\CBFMNHS Enrollment System\bin\Debug\Enrollment System.accdb") Dim ewaaa As String = "SELECT * FROM Schedulings WHERE Year Levels = '" & Combo Box1. To String() & "' AND Sections = '" & Combo Box3. To String() & "'" com = New Ole Db Command(ewaaa, con) con. When the combobox text is "- Select a City -", the validator detects an error and displays the message "You must select a city!": When the combobox text is set to a city, the validator accepts the selection: Validates to make sure the user entered a value.To validate the content of Rad Combo Box, you just need to specify its ID in the Control To Validate property of the validator.

Validation is performed against the current Text property of the Rad Combo Box (the Text property of the currently selected item or the custom text entered in the Rad Combo Box' input field).

The Rad Combo Box can trigger validation of other controls on the form when it performs a post-back to the server.

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