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12-Aug-2020 03:43

updating translate-78

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Secure Drop is translated into a number of languages.We use a web-based collaborative translation platform called Weblate to make it easier.Once you are done click on the Save button below the form to create the project.Creating the project doesn’t actually import all the translations to Pootle.

updating translate-78

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There can only be a single translation file per language in a project using this layout.

The Notifications have exactly the same problem as point 1 above, but using the `gform_pre_notification_save` filter.

That code is on line 1006 of `gravity-forms-multilingual.class.php` Hello, Thank you for the feedback. Please let me know the exact steps to reproduce the issue.

Therefore I have forwarded the details to our second tier team for further checking.

setting to find out where translation files are stored on the server. A GNU layout means that our project contains translation files named using language codes.

Now each of the languages will need to be brought into sync with the template language.