Updating nvidia video bios

01-Apr-2020 16:07

One of these ways is somewhat unorthodox; this way is called “Blind Flashing” or what I like to call “A Wing and a Prayer Flashing”, because we have no idea if the flash took hold until we reboot the computer.What makes this type of flashing more nerve racking we do not know when to reboot the computer, because we cannot see anything hence why it is called “Blind Flashing.”First things first, before any BIOS flashing takes place.Another area I make sure that I don’t do is flash the video card with in the Window’s GUI.I flash the video card(s) BIOS inside of DOS mode, and yes you can still load into a Windows 98/ME DOS mode on today’s current hardware.

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I like to use a USB flash drive that is formatted to a FAT 32 file system, and a Windows 98 DOS boot disk.Do a couple of dry runs with your boot-able CD/DVD disk to make sure it is working properly prior to flashing..