Updating my ps3

03-Jun-2020 22:04

to open another web page beside the one that is already active.This way you are able to open multiple browser windows.No need to reconvert MKVs before playing it on PS3 now. There are numerous advantages of having the ability to backup PS3 games.Firstly your game is safe and you don’t have to be paranoid when lending the disc to a friend.While the PS3 might not be the ideal way do some heavy browsing, the browser is not only fully functional, but also more than capable enough.So if you have kids at home you might want to prevent them from accessing any forbidden website that you might have already blocked on other devices at home.To solve this, or to at least improve your browser speed, press the triangle button with any browser window open and then in the this time.After this you will notice your PS3 browser speed will have improved quite substantially.

So all your great games like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Black OPS etc.You can scroll between these browser windows by pressing either the R2 or L2 buttons.Cool Tip: Alternatively, if you want to open any link on your currently active browser window, just place the cursor over the link and then press and hold the button.Now you can play your game of Call of Duty: Black Ops on any console without carrying the disc to the respective console everytime.

You aren’t exactly doing anything illegal here since you are only playing backup games on one console at a time. Game Cheats and Mods So you have finished the whole game campaign playing fair against the enemies and you’re bored now. Folks download a pirated copy to see if it is worth the buck or not.The game stored on hard drive loads faster than when loading from disc and there is no noise from optical drive in the first case.