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04-Sep-2020 19:44

To create this article, 26 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. Because Minecraft is installed using Java commands, you can't uninstall it using traditional methods.

When reinstalling Minecraft, you can quickly backup your saved games so that you don't lose any of your progress.

This page will describe how you can update Minecraft, how to roll back and why you should wait to update.

Be aware: Minecraft mods are saved in the minecraft.jar, so you will lose your mods when updating or rolling back. Click "Options" next to the username textbox, then "Force update! Finally, click "Done" and login with your Minecraft credentials. This can also be used to get a fresh Minecraft installation (it will keep your saves and texture packs, but not your mods.).

The best way to do this is to delete the current one and then paste the wanted one in its place.

Try clicking options in the log in menu and do "Force Update".

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If this is the case and you are on windows you need to click the windows button and type in the search bar %appdata% and double click it or click on Roaming and go to .minecraft, then you will…

If that doesnt work, try going into your files, search "%appdata% and delete your .minecraft folder.

Then go to minecraft again and it should re-install all the updates.

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If you don't want to do that you can go through your and delete the mod…