Thomas edwards dating consultant

12-Sep-2019 07:04

The biggest challenge most people face is getting out of their own head.

They allow their imaginations to create thoughts and ideas for why something won’t work out in their favor.

If you’re not willing to grow, you’re not a good fit for our services.

For example, if you are just looking to get laid, not willing to push yourself when things get difficult, or are looking for a quick, magic solution, we won’t work with you.

It’s important to realize that our imagination runs wild when it is afraid of the unknown.

We help our clients ignore those thoughts and push through so the unknown slowly becomes part of their comfort zone and their mind slowly fades out that “psyching out” process.

Typically, we accept about 50% of clients and that number has been dropping steadily.At The Professional Wingman, we help people develop better social skills by going out with them, acting as their wingman, and giving real-time feedback on how they can make their interactions consistently better.We typically use dating as the driving force for their development because most people equate a large part of their overall success to a healthy, romantic, long-term relationship.Your quality of life is directly related to the relationships you have in it.

Creating, growing, and maintaining these relationships require a variety of social skills, so it’s easy to see how mastering these skills can benefit you in multiple aspects of your life.

is the founder of The Professional Wingman, a social strategy consultancy helping singles develop better social skills to improve their professional, social, and romantic relationships.

Find a site that is right for you; a social networking site for people in your age group or a church-run, teen message board for members of your parish can lead to friendships with potential to become more.… continue reading »

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