Seriously dating or engaged

08-Apr-2020 14:28

They are instruments to identify a couple’s areas of strengths and growth potential in their relationship, as well as an opportunity to explore practical issues such as family heritage, finances, communication, problem-solving techniques and commitment.

are inventories for couples who are considering marriage.

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Majority are in a relationship not knowing where it is heading to, they shy away from asking questions because they don’t want to lose the other person, most ladies find themselves in this situation and they would rather stay in the wrong relationship instead of asking questions that will have them thrown out. Are You Willing To Work On Our Relationship With Me?

Do you regret living those intimate experiences with that person? What do you think is better: premarital sex or premarital abstinence?

How would you react if I had a more serious intimate relationship in the past?

Find out how engaged couple Tommy and Katie (who are getting married on Saturday! More → Jesus, I Trust in You Blog: Created and Called Into Love What are the chances of meeting your future spouse if they live 1,226 miles away?

Katie shares her experience and God’s hand in meeting Tommy. More → Chapter Two: Speaking of Love: From Adolescence to Adulthood Blog: Love is Our Mission Human love is meant to be a reflection of God’s love for his people.

If you plan to marry me, do you think you can manage a family in the future, financially and emotionally? Would you leave me for anybody in the world, including your family, friends or anyone who has been closer to you in your life?

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