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I’ve never enjoyed waiting for a stranger to examine my prostate but I at least assumed it would happen the morning I went to see a urologist.For several years, I’d noticed a subtle decline in my libido which seemed to worsen in more obvious ways last year.We’re often raising vulnerable questions in settings that elevate medical professionals as authority figures surrounded by staff and expensive equipment.I grew up in relative privilege, raised in an upper middle-class environment, which made facing doctor’s offices a bit easier.When I experimented taking half tablets of the samples, I had stronger erections but I wasn’t more turned on.I’d also been having low back and hip pain, so I went to see a physical therapist with a specialty in pelvic issues to rule out spinal and neurological problems.But it can still be a challenge, likely for all parties — I know I have annoyed and fatigued more than a few doctors this year in my efforts to advocate for myself.It turns out, what I was experiencing wasn’t exactly ED, it was different and more subtle.

These guys—and as Reifman pointed it out, it’s very nearly always guys (75 percent of Amazon’s workforce is made up of dudes!

Soon after, I had a heart X-ray showing no arterial plaque — a benefit of 20 years of vegetarianism.

So not surprisingly, the ED pills didn’t really help.

If the urologist had inquired, he would have found that I was primarily struggling with arousal, something I’d later learn is partly related to a specific class of erections, of which there are roughly three: psychogenic (driven by thought, observation, or fantasy), reflex (driven by touch) and nocturnal.

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In the prior year, my psychogenic and morning erections had declined steeply.I brought in what lab work I had, filled out an extensive survey and waited for the doctor.

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