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24-Apr-2020 00:44

You can also ask your extended family to help out or have friends sleep over.There used to be two paychecks comming into the household, and now there’s only one.The way to avoid this, is staying in touch with your ex.The two of you could also set up some ground rules, for instance only allowing your children to do something, after you have both agreed.Although they can be frustrating at times, they are also your support system.Sometimes it can be a true nightmare and you may find yourself without your kids on Christmas.Add your children’s constant demand for attention and focus on your part, and it is easy to start feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.Don’t be afraid to ask for your family’s help or to confide in a friend.

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If your children are a bit older, they can start helping out with small chores around the house.

It’s normal to feel overburdened and to need time to settle your thoughts.