Paul washer dating video

19-Sep-2019 09:41

Paul Washer is just one of many who promotes some of evangelicalism's "damnable heresies" (2 Pet 2:1 KJV). For those who can see the prevailing Satanic false Christianity of today (2 Timothy 3:1-5; 4:3-4), he is readily manifest; for Washer is engulfed in it.But those caught in that broad way (Matthew -23) are sadly deceived by Washer and the likes. Washer may be passionate,2 but the passion is for a false way (Psalm 14, 128).Description: Can assurances for our salvation be found in the Word? As he passionately takes the listener through the tests in 1 John, he challenges every believer to examine themselves in the light of God's Word.Description: Here Paul reiterates God's love for the believer.Many wonderful principles from years of experience are relayed in this sermon, if you are thinking of courtship or marriage, this teaching will greatly benefit the glory of God in that respect.Description: Brother Paul Washer here describes something that is drastically wanting in the modern movement that calls itself Christianity.For some, it is an encouraging message of the intimate walk on the Narrow Way.But for others, it may cause you to truly examine the path you are on.

The Holy Spirit speaks when we forget man, and our primary goal and concern becomes the glory of God, and His purposes.

(76 minutes) Description: In this, the first of two meetings devoted to studying Biblical courtship, Paul Washer uses several scripture passages to lay the foundations for his teaching.