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26-Sep-2020 20:33

It should be expected given the relative disparity in attractiveness between the types of men responding and the types of AF initiating contact.

I'm guessing that the novel finding is that AF are outliers in their willingness to message less desirable men.

For intra-racial dating however, AF will be hypergamous which would explain why AM comparatively respond less to AF.

In this sense, the novel finding isn't so much that so many men are replying to AF.

They may be seen as more fertile compared to women of the same age, which may be important for men in their late 30's.

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If this does happen, it'd be interesting to infer dating preferences from something other than response rates or to at least control for relative attractiveness in the messenger/receiver when determining racial preferences.

Maybe before sending a message, ask the male how confident he is that he'll succeed with the recipient The average age at first marriage in the US is under 30 for both men and women.

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