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04-Mar-2020 05:55

• More than 10,000 movies, TV shows andcartoons in Full HD.

• Blockbusters and premieres with a choice ofaudio tracks, subtitles and video quality. •Ability to stream video from phone to TV (Chromecast support). After viewing, evaluate and writereviews for movies, TV shows and cartoons and thereby form aselection of videos that are right for you.

SELECTIONOF METHOD OF OBTAINING AN ALERT Available: Notification via Googleservices (Internet): requires an Internet connection andinstallation of the Google Play Service (recommended when Internetis always available), notifications are stored in the applicationitself, where they can be viewed.

Notification in the form ofregular SMS text messages: notifications are stored in incoming SMSmessages of the mobile device. For the alerts to workcorrectly, you need to enable all the necessary permissions in thesections: autorun, push-service, notifications, protectedapplications / security, sleep mode, power saving and so on in thesmartphone settings for the M-Belarusbank application. Applications installed on a mobile device can block the receptionand transmission of data for the M-Belarusbank application. For security purposes and to prevent unauthorizedaccess by third parties, the application runs on a single device,on which the last registration of M-Belarusbank was made. For security and correct operation of the application,it is not allowed to restore the application from backup copies(back up).

In the mobile banking of Belarusbank, in addition tothe standard features, a number of unique features are provided: AUTHORIZATION (ENTRANCE TO APPENDIX) WITHOUT INTERNET.

There areseveral ways to enter applications: Authorization without Internetby access key (“password for entry” in previous versions of theapplication) does not require the Internet (it is set by the userwhen registering).

MTS Kino is a video service with freemobile traffic for MTS Belarus subscribers.

Install the applicationand watch thousands of movies, TV shows and cartoons on your gadgetin excellent quality and without advertising. • Free mobile traffic when you connect tothe Mobile Cinema service.

(Possible fees and blocking forpayments and balance inquiries from the issuing bank of the paymentcard).

You can easily transfer all the data on the old or the new device,if you decide to change it or the old device is lost; - Clear.