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The government regularly granted logging concessions of less than ten years.

Since it takes 30–35 years for a second-growth forest to mature, loggers had no incentive to replant.

Although water resources have become scarce in some regions and seasons, the Philippines as a whole has more than enough surface and groundwater.From 1951-2010, the Philippines saw its average temperature rise by 0.65 degrees Celsius, with fewer recorded cold nights and more hot days.The Philippines has not only seen 0.15 meters of sea level rise since 1940, but also seen 0.6 to 1 degree Celsius increase in sea surface temperatures since 1910, and 0.09 degree c increase in ocean temperatures since 1950.Typhoons (high winds) and heavy rainfall contribute to the destruction of crops, reduced soil fertility, altered agricultural productivity through severe flooding, increased runoff, and soil erosion.

The rainfall has a negative effect on rice which is an important crop that a majority of the country depends on as both a food sources and employment.

These exacerbate risks to agriculture, energy, water, infrastructure, human health, and coastal ecosystems.