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I am of course now a bitch to a diifferent dog and have had lots of experiences in between masters.

My boyfriend is ok with it and hopefully one day he can participate.

The pain was now dull and huge waves of pleasure were overwhelming me. I was vaguely aware that his had stopped fucking me and he was filling me up with his cum. i felt him lift himself off me and his back leg lifted over my back scractching me.i llok back and saw that he was now standing facin wawya from m. i did not know that these were the slod foundations being set for me to develop into a willing K9 Bitch.

I could feel his cock swelling up and my pussy lips were clinging to the huge swelling. Shit, i jumped but was held in plasce by his warm cock wwhich was still filling me with his come. My course was plotted and I was now pointed in the right direction. I was finding excuses to be with him and soon he was manipulating me. i started noticing later on hoe he would growl if I was not complying.

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I could feel something pressing against my lips with every head was swimming amd then a flash of pussy was being stretched then he was all the way into my pussy and still trying to go further.

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At this stage i still thoudgt that he was still going to lick me more when to my surptise I felt something sticky prodding my ass cheeks the briefly hit my shock caused me to rear backwards That was all he needed to drive his dick into my pussy..I had my eyes closed savoring the bikini was getting in the way so I took it off and continued playing with myself.