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“I hired representation that was essentially putting me back in the closet for fear that I would be put in a box as gay, even though, at that time, all of the roles in my career had been straight roles.” The pressure to be professionally closeted took its toll on Armstrong, as he wasn’t able to authentically be himself.

“The second that I started being vocal about being gay, that's when it [his career] really started taking off for me,” he adds.

However, during an interview, Shelly shared in a funny way that she had to go nude beside this guy (pointing towards Tyler Posey).

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Kenny Johnson is an American actor whose celebrated range, depth and sincerity has only been magnified by starring opposite Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe Award winners and nominees, such as Anthony Hopkins, Vera Farmiga, Holly Hunter, Juliette Lewis, Glenn Close, Forest Whitaker, Maria Bello, and Michael Chiklis, among others. On portraying Ham Dewey, one of the female writers on the show wouldn't even look at him: I would have to tell her, It's not me!

I'm not trying to make him a sympathetic character in any way whatsoever.

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Seeing such intimacy between the two actors, many believed something was going in between them.“I know what it's like to grow up and be hated for who I was and not even knowing I was gay.People just called me ‘fag,’ they called me ‘gay’ as early as third grade, and I had no clue,” he explains.“When you've been subjected to that kind of hatred, that kind of bullying, when you see it around you, you want to stop it as much as possible. I'm fighting against it.” With this in mind, he has been politically outspoken and active.

“I've been so vocal against the incoming administration for all rights, not just for gay rights, not just for black rights, not just for women's rights, for everyone,” he says. But it really, really makes you feel a certain way towards him.

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