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PRESENTED BY ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01738 4303 GENEALOGY 929.11 D26 V.43 LINEAGE BOOK National Society OF THF, Daughters of the American Revolution. III 42001—43000 1Q03 Mary Ellis Augsbury, Historian General. In these days of warfare when all hearts are thrilled by recital of military achievements we turn with quickened pride and affection to the records of these heroes who won the independence of our nation.

The growth of the Society and the greatly increased interest of the general public have rendered this step not only advisable but necessary in view of the requirements of the near future. THE NATIONAL SOCIETY of The Daughters of the American Revolution.

As far as I can see politicians blatantly used this under the guise of affirmative action and are now too afraid of losing votes to abolish it Oh and as for the politicians.

Political suicide if any were to make calls to remove affirmative action.

Harrisburg, Pa.: telegraph printing company 10x6 241.055 PREFACE Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2013 PREFACE Volume Forty-three of the Lineage Book is published in an enlarged edition of fifteen hundred copies.

IHce-President General in Cbarge of Organization of Chapters.

Granddaughter of Matthew Henry Howell and Julia Brewster, his wife; Walter Halsey and Caroline Marvin, his wife. Gr.-granddaughter of John Marvin and Frances Woodhull, his wife. This is /r/malaysia's official daily random discussion and quick questions thread. Share your joys, frustrations, random thoughts and questions. If you're feeling particularly chatty, join the banter on our Discord or official Reddit chat room (beta).Tap taritap bunyi sepatu, Nari-nari bersama-sama, Mai kita pantun kelaku, Sembang-sembang kita semua. Hezekiah Howell, (1709-84), was a member of the Commit- tee of Safety 1775 of Orange County. — The number at the end of the name represents the National Number of the Member of the Society. Hezekiah Howell, Jr., (1741-1815), was commissioned major 1776 of Orange County Minute Men. Timothy Halsey, (1753- 1825), was a minute man in the Suf- folk County regiment under Col.

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1767; John Woodhull Tuthill and Mary Brewster, his wife; Elihu Marvin and Abigail Yelverton, his wife; Edward Brewster and Experience Reeve, his wife; Ebenezer Woodhull and Abigail Howell, his wife, m., 1767; Thomas Chatfield and Esther Hunting, his wife. -granddaughter of Hezekiah Howell and Susanna Sayre, his wife; John Brewster and Charity, his wife; John Chatfield and Jane Mulford, his wife; John Marvin and Mary Beers, his 1st wife. John Brewster, (1705-78), was a member of the Associators and meetings were held at his house. John Chatfield, (1716-1802), was a patriot of East Hamp- ton, where he was born and died.

Samuel Strong, (1744-1806), served as lieutenant in the Home Guard.