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27-Jun-2020 22:58

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if he were gay, he'd be prancing around and showing it off by now.Maybe he's trying to say (since he's sending us messages) is it's not of anyone's business except those he trusts. I am sorry, but I have had absolutely ZERO sexual feelings for any MALE name posted in this thread. Phelps himself, left it wide open with a response that NO, ZERO, NONE, NOTTA heterosexual would ever come out with.But it reeks of obese, ignorant hausfrau or pimply, fat straight teenager to say "I can't take any more of this nonsense" or "shut up!!!! At this point and with very little free time most of his life, his mother probably is his best friend. But the women who usually date these high profile guys are either groupies or close enough to it to still want to be recognized even when they know the truth. How does that equal gay and why is he obligated to share details about his love life?She's been his biggest fan since he was a little kid. He probably hasn't had much of a chance to develop much of an intimate relationship with anyone. Phelps is straight and cheated on his then girlfriend with every available drunk Michigan chick he could find while he was a "student" there. That is a private matter for some celebrities and athletes.The sizzling pairing has attracted widespread publicity in the US after the New York Post reported the passionate clinch outside the Olympic Village.The Post reported Phelps, fresh from shattering Mark Spitz's 36-year-old record, was spotted Monday night in a hot make-out session with Rice who will carry the Australian flag at the Olympic Closing Ceremony in the Bird's Nest.She posed for Playboy, so that about sums up her class."You were probably one of the queens screaming "PRUDE! Beard is so hideous it's no wonder he wouldn't want to be linked to her. The guy has been swimming 'round-the-clock for years. 10 Years of Gay Gossip, Politics and Pointless Bitchery. For his sake, though, if he IS gay, he better make damn sure to keep it on the deep-deep-DEEP downlow because if the National Enquirer or TMZ gets wind of it, he'll be outed quicker than you can say eight gold medals. They'll string along a sweetheart while making it a point to sound available.

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He denied it bc she is dating an Australian swimmer who would have kicked Phelps ass!!! Training for hours each day entails making sacrifices.

He is really queenie when he is celebrating a victory and he has no guard on his expression and emotion.

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