How intimidating is warped tour

15-Sep-2019 06:44

Appearing on the now-defunct travelling punk-rock festival a ridiculous 10 times, the New York state hardcore heroes have intertwined their own legacy with that of Warped Tour.

The band’s DVDs and web series were also integral to the wider consciousness of the tour, shining a light on the batshit backstage antics of themselves and their musician mates.

It’s such a great, positive, really uplifting song for the summer. Sending things back and forth, you only have so much creativity and things to say when it’s over an email. Yeah, like me sitting with you right here and it’s like, answering questions over the phone and we don’t even get to make eye contact or connect on the same shit. Thank fucking God.” I knew it was a special one– it’s vibey, it’s very summery, which is hence why I wanted to get it out. Being an indie artist and being a very grassroots motherfucker, it feels incredible! but you know, for me to tweet “kiss me while I’m driving”…

I usually love being in the studio with a producer, just ’cause things vibe and the vibe in general is just more natural. Whenever you send something to a producer and they send it back and say “I fuck with this,” you’re like, “yes! It was really cool and honestly, probably besides “Shining” right now, it’s just such a bop. It’s unreleased and I’m in the process of like, “what the fuck is going on with your side of things,” because I want it to be out SO bad.

Effortlessly funny and yet tinged with real emotion, it was quintessential ETID. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the summer without Warped Tour, because that was another thing that was part of the mechanics of it. I don’t know what we’re going to do in the summers now. Something will have to fill the vacuum that Warped Tour created when it left.” “I don’t know.

I feel like Warped Tour really did something extraordinary.

At the end of summer I felt like I was leaving summer camp.

I mean, even like Valient Thorr, the homie Futuristic– who’s now THE homie, obviously.

Keith Buckley’s new novel ‘Watch’ is out now via Rare Bird Books.

With such a rotating schedule, it’s almost impossible to always get that right for each person. With no DJ, with no band, using my sort of comic relief like, “my band decided to sleep in today so y’all are my band today.” Just really like playing to the crowd and letting them know who the fuck you are. * you’re off because it’s like a thirty or forty minute set. The cool thing about is these people come to listen to music.

I really had to think about who was at the show, who was playing before me, who was playing after me.

I was just out with the Neck Deep boys on their album release Thursday at midnight, which I guess is Friday! Anything else that the fans can expect from you this year? Me and Tascione, he’s this crazy EDM producer, or producer in general… And after that, basically just try to make music with as many people as possible and keep my parallels open and start scoring movies.

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From them, being a new fan, they have an insane fanbase that I’ve never tapped into. It was really nice to find some new artists that I really fuck with. Wyred, who produced “Where You Are,” has another joint with me that I’m going to play today. It makes me giddy thinking about dropping “Driving” because already, I know the response is great. Yeah, exactly, so “Shining” is a really great precursor to that.

I started in a van, upgraded to a short school bus, then over to a Band Wagon, and eventually got a bunk in a production bus. I met up with Terry Myers at some point and all started to fall into place. I'm in Central Park on some random day, and someone knows me! Afterwards we made our way down to the 9/11 Memorial. RIP #1111When we finally hit Kansas, I had some killer booth volunteers that day, so I was able to get away from the merch booth and shoot a bunch of sets.