Healthy vs unhealthy dating relationships

15-Aug-2020 18:13

You have the power to change your current circumstances and live the life you deserve.

Unfortunately, you are in an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationship, and it’s time for you to end it.

Namely, feeling hopeful about the future, enjoying your time with your partner and having control over your own life are important components of a healthy relationship.

There are certain changes that you can make to take the health of your relationship to new heights.

You don’t need a negative person like your partner in your life.

You have the power to break up, break free and live the happy life that you deserve.

Now that you’re more aware of the signs that your relationship is not a healthy one, you should seriously consider ending it. Your overall worth doesn't t have to be undermined.

It’s not surprising that you may feel stuck and hopeless, as your “partner” is clearly trying to control you and undermine your self-worth.

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