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However, it is possible to use French Polynesia's geography to your advantage; the Marquesas are closer to the equator and are far enough north to benefit from the trade winds that temper the climate.The scenic islands of the South Pacific have captivated explorers for centuries.

Late September marks the spring equinox, when the sun’s rays hit the islands' lagoons at just the right angle, bringing out the vivid turquoise hues of the classic French Polynesian landscape.

This is a humid time of year, though, which can be uncomfortable and we recommend choosing a hotel with air-conditioning if visiting during these months.

The islands rarely suffer from tropical storms except during years when El Niño affects ocean currents.

By the start of the year the wet season is firmly established in French Polynesia, and the rain does not abate until April.

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However, more rain means emptier hotels, competitive rates, and far fewer visitors.

French Polynesia has many of its own to festivals to celebrate, such as Heiva i Bora Bora in July; an annual singing, dancing and sports competition.