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18-May-2020 18:35

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“It would make investigative journalism on corruption, human rights abuses and bad governance very tough, if not impossible,” he said.

Another piece of legislation, the Broadcast Act 2018, was proposed in October to regulate broadcast news portals.

DHAKA (Reuters) - With less than a month to go to a general election, many journalists in Bangladesh say they are living in fear of ever-tightening media laws and engaging in self-censorship as a result.

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"When faced with humorous memes and cartoons of themselves, some world leaders are thin-skinned and lash out," Kelly said in a statement.

"Instead of enjoying a good laugh, they try to remove the images and imprison anyone posting them online." Freedom House will officially announce its latest Freedom on the Net report at an event at Google's Washington, DC headquarters later Monday.

Both laws restrict bail and allow arrests without a warrant.

The government has denied accusations it’s trying to curb press freedom and Hasina assured a press briefing in October that “journalists who do not publish false news need not worry” about the DSA.Governments also blocked more diverse online content over the past year, as evidenced by an increase in censorship of online petitions, calls for protests, and material related to LGBT rights.