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It's a statement about modernity to think of Brancusi used as a cannonball.

We are at the tail-end of the industrial revolution, and that thing that was calm and banal is essentially being used to knock you out.

I was thinking about what we discussed earlier about the new structure of information, and I noticed in one of your sculptures you made this connection between Punk Rock skauliai a Viking ship. Well, it wasn't historically accurate, but I'm not even concerned with that, I'm concerned with maybe the Hollywood representation of Vikings.

This is one of those associations that couldn't normally exist in Hot bitch in siauliai linear structure siaulaii clearly Punk Bittch culture may have some Viking undertones. Basically I had come to bitcch point where I realized I was fulfilling someone else's legacy of making ij.

I was bitcu within this formal strategy that was completely developed by my predecessors.

Basically what they were making were super-narrative abstract structures.

The show closes on Sunday June 11th so I recommend you make a point to see it Aluminum, stainless steel, computer, electronics, motors, pump, valves, acrylic, Courtesy of the artist and James Cohan Gallery, New York.

Function finds little room in contemporary art, a realm where dysfunction, tension and absurdity operate best.

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As I toured the gallery completely HHot just try that at Mo MA I simply enjoyed the visual and aural pulse of the show, despite its shortcomings.

The original sculpture was called the Sleeping Muse, and its eyes are closed, but in my version their eyes are wide open!