Filenet capture statistics not updating

08-Sep-2020 18:33

In regards to the cloud, the client was more focused on Amazon or Azure and could not justify the move from a running a stable on-premise system to the cloud or a new platform.In the end, the team reached a preliminary decision to continue to run on their existing File Net 5.2 unsupported.Like pulling a lose thread, upgrading File Net might lead to other portions of the infrastructure that should be upgraded as well.For our customer, the upgrade included at least an upgrade of Oracle as well as other application and server components.TSG typically doesn’t recommend these additional charges as we have often found vendor support for out of support products can be very lacking and not worth the cost for a stable system.As we have said at this site often, clients should start to plan for migrating away from File Net as it continues to not be a major focus of IBM.

You can also use the IBM Installation Manager Kit to update it.

If a preference is specified in both the response file and the current Installation Manager settings, the response file takes precedence.

If the clean option is set to true, Installation Manager uses the repository and other preferences from the response file; the existing Installation Manager preference settings are not used.

Reasons include: While a vendor like IBM dropping support on a version might seem like a requirement to either upgrade or migrate, often the most practical decision from a risk and cost perspective can be to run unsupported.

Many vendors will often use the “off of support announcement” to offer additional charges for continued support while clients continue to pay their maintenance.The following fragment uses the uninstall Installation Manager function to uninstall the IBM Installation Manager.