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19-Oct-2019 05:57

A few days ago, another dating sim hit Japanese shelves, making us wonder just how many of these types of games Japan gets in any given month.

Like many, this one is based on a Japanese manga (which was later developed into an anime and video game) called just recently released, though, and comes in two different versions.

The main difference in the two versions is the setting, as one takes place at a rich girl named Nagi's school, while the other takes place at her mansion home.

The game has a type of storyline, in which the butler of the house must train Nagi for an Ojousama (lady) contest.

It also has 20 pieces of artwork which can be "unlocked" by completeing various tasks. The first is similar to the original Balloon Fight, in which Link must advance through all 99 levels.

The second is a multiplayer version of the first game type.

Tingle is told that when he gathers enough Rupees and throws them into a magic spring, a tower will shoot fourth and take him to Rupeeland.

This game was developed by Vanpool using Nintendo's permission.

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He must dodge lightning bolts while collecting "gifts".It's very similar to the original Balloon Fight game for the NES, but it has several differences as well.