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People are being domesticated and being strong physically and mentally is generally punished by society while being a helpless victim is promoted.To me this is pretty much a choice, i have talked to many victims of rape, some can overcome this and have a genuine will to become stronger and overcome this.Sex is for earthworms, if we are humans capable of higher thought why choose to have a sex based brain?Coolness and talking to girls at parties, in my later teens after i discovered how stupid everything was females would always approach me at parties and start talking to me about why i didnt do drugs, drink or have casual sex. At this point you are already having a conversation with a female.Other times it may be better to slink along a wall and avoid detection.The most important thing is to avoid falling into the victim mentality. Most people today try to compete to be the biggest victim possible.There is no need to get wasted and give yourself alcohol poisoning.Youth have been trained they need these "enhancers" to have fun when they dont.

There may be times where presenting yourself to be strong can avoid a conflict as the opponents will back down.

Telling youth not to engage in these behaviours will encourage them to do it.

States that have legalized weed have already seen drops in usage by youths.

Any altered state you wish to enter can be achieved with your mind alone and training, it just takes a bit of time.

(Lowering inhibitions, just dont give a crap what people think you dont need anything else) Senseless porking, the thing about porking is it is temporary, you dont get anything after, this is like trying to fill that void of being unfulfilled by trying to contantly make yourself happy. While porking might be the greatest thing ever i still think it is highly overrated just like drug and drink.

With understanding human and animal behaviour they can more easily look at themselves and their behaviour objectivly and choose to change.

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