Dating yairi guitars

27-Mar-2020 01:16

I bought it in 1971, and recall paying between 700-800.00 for it ser# 24290, DY68...originally had the chrome diamond shaped tuners and the abalone inlay bridge pegs and the brown "foamfit" case, which I have since replaced... as you can see, the headstock has the logo inlay, not the name...inside label has the K. can anyone help with a value, picture reference, or any other info you feel might be helpful? I still feel like it was meant for me and I missed out because I was too nice. I can be reached at (904) 446-5175 if you leave a message. I have the guitar (in almost new condition , BTW) which he sent to me some years ago.I really feel like I was this Yairi was meant for me and I missed it for reasons I do not yet understand. He bought the guitar in Syracuse NY at Gerber Music.The bridge is a chapter for itself, I really don’t know what has been going on there.It has been removed at some point and re-glued, it also has two screws that I doubt were supposed to be there and on top of that someone has added a bit of rosewood to make it higher and topped it of with a fret as the saddle instead of a normal slot and bone saddle. It’s worn and has few scratches but nothing too serious, except for the bridge as mentioned before.I had it on a stand but guitar and stand couldn't with stand the force of happy waggle. I would really love to get a tunning peg to match the others. You pay to have it shipped there (any UPS store) and they will fix it for free and cover shipping back to you.

Regards, Rick Hi, I have a 1981 Yairi DY52 that my lab knocked over with his big happy tail. Alvarez's are supposed to have a lifetime guarantee for the original owner - I told them I was.

maybe it was because "you" have the instrument I was meant to find. No matter what, I hope your Yairi found the home it was meant to have. Somehow the music store put the wrong certification (signed by Kaz Yairi) in the case.

The cert document is for model DY85 Serial 10747 (March 10, 1975 manufacture date).

So if anyone out there has this DY85 guitar and would like their original cert document, let me know.

Also if anyone happens to have the cert document for my DY57 guitar, please let me know. Yairi AR335E brand new in 1985 mint, Great Sound great looks canada only model quite rare.few of my other guitars there have a look thanks Dan Hi, I bought a new K Yairi in 1986, as a divorce gift to myself. Would like to know what it may be worth, and anything else. Was offered 0 from a pawn shop and didn't know it that was a fair price or not. Many thanks David Great condition, sound, finish, etc. I bought this new around 1974-75 and has original case.