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01-Jun-2020 09:55

I feel that the ritual of dating evolved as a way to meet partners in cultures where male-female friendships and large open social gatherings are rare, which is not the case for most 20-40 year-old Spaniards.While I'm sure that Tinder and the like have resulted in many successful and fulfilling relationships in Spain, in my experience the way most people in Spain in your age range meet their sexual partners (casual or long term) is through mutual friends, hobbies, or work/university.

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Yes, obviously I had guys interested in me, but it was always a one way street. I have to admit that I laughed at the concept of "the boring catalan." Will mention this to the people I know from there, lol. You'll meet #1, #3, and #4 for both genders in any big city.

Back to the main issue: while it's true that Barcelona is more extreme in that case (mainly fueled by it being a tourist attraction and the feeling of partying, hook-ups and such), I don't think it's that different here in Madrid.

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