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16-Jun-2020 15:58

It’s not like no one has ever written/read that trope before.

In fact, it’s one of my favourite tropes: the ‘dating’ of a friend to keep everyone else off your back about going on a date/stopping your friends from setting you up with losers. If I had to pinpoint why it didn’t work for me, I’d say the time Josh and Dani knew each other before they started ‘not dating’. The secret to the ‘not dating’ trope, I think, is that the participants have been friends, or near relatives as in Emma, for a long time. Despite all my grumbling, I will still recommend the book.

Finding a match like that isn’t always easy, but it can be done.

With just a few simple questions, we’ll help you find a book that is better than any valentine.

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The way it smells, the cover that is everything beautiful you’ve ever seen, the way it fits in your hand just right.

Our heroine, Dani, has a plethora of friends and workmates who are used by the author effectively in light comical situations, meaning the book falls neatly into that sweet, easy to read chick-lit area. Dani devises a dating quiz for her single friend, Harriet… The plan is to set up Susie with any guy whose answers have a high enough percentage matching hers.