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Amps-n-bits hold a large stock of original used vintage Guitar speakers , by Celestion. It is only here to help optomise the site it has little relevance other than to repeat the phrase Guitar speakers , as many times, with in reason as I can, Guitar speakers , so please don't think that I have gone Guitar speakers , Mad, round the bend or bonkers as I havn't but the word Guitar speakers , repeated as it is here will help get my site to the top of the pack when you guys are searching for those hard to find little old Guitar speakers , Guitar speaker chassis , or by what ever other name you may call them by.

So as the days pass you will see a great many more Classic Collectable British Guitar speakers , Valve Amplifier heads here.

Thames Ditton 25watt (Marshall Logo) 12" Green Back 8 ohm Reconed in 1993 by Celestion Not been used at all since Recone, Model: G12M | Date Code: GE/W | Frame Code: T1221 | Cone Code: 444 There is no Celestion label on the Magnet or plastic cover to give the information Only thing is that this speaker has the Thames Ditton, Black Tag. Especially the early Celestion Alnico, Greenback Vox Blue Bulldog. Guitar combos and Guitar speaker , cabs in the 60s & 70s were virtually only ever fitted with Celestion Greenbacks. And these three companies still do it today Celestion.

Fane & Goodmans, were and are still the most sought after Vintage Guitar speakers , in the world, there has ever been. 12" and 15" Fane 12" 25watt, Fane 30watt, Fane 40watt & Fane 50watt, including matched sets of two & four Fane 12" Guitar speakers , The Goodmans Alnicos guitar speakers , were used in many vintage amps including Vox and Selmer amplification.

To meet the demands of the players and their increasingly hot-rodded amplifiers, we set out to develop a modern speaker, capable of handling much more power and overdrive.

Amps-n-bits inventory includes Celestion 15" Celestion 12" & 10" Guitar speakers , Fane Crescendo 100.

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