Dating and communication problems

15-Oct-2019 18:29

You have to really explore and examine what it is that you’re lacking regarding the communication in your relationship.

You can also say, ‘What would help you feel more connected to me?

The more you can talk to each other, the more likely you’ll trust each other and be able to confide in each other and know the other person won’t criticize you.

Whether communicating offline or digitally, it is important to figure out how your partner wants to express endearments.” —Dr.

’ Then, use words of endearment and encouragement.” —Dr.

Suzana Flores, clinical psychologist and author of Facehooked: How Facebook Affects Our Emotions, Relationships, and Lives“I encourage couples to check in with each other on a regular basis, typically weekly.

I know one couple who gave up complaining for Lent one year — 40 days and nights of not complaining about anything... Afterwards, they said it helped strengthen their relationship and, every time they started to say something non-constructive, they'd try to catch themselves and say it in such a way as not to cause relationship strife.“The foundation of a good relationship is to be able to talk to someone, about anything and everything.

Try to remain calm and logical when discussing your relationship with your partner.

If you can’t do that because you’re heated, take some time to yourself. Write it down if you need to and then talk to your partner calmly and clearly.

Hearing what your partner has to say and understanding what she or she means is not the same as giving in or agreeing with him or her.

Each of you needs to understand each other in order to figure out what will work for both of you.

If you get stuck arguing about who's right or wrong, or which one of you should get what he or she wants, instead of talking helpfully about what would fix the problem, you are not communicating.

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