Dating advice shy boys

22-Apr-2020 16:08

However, not all girls dream to be with a masculine macho.

To please them, men do not need to "break" their own characters and pretend to be someone else.

It doesn’t matter where this stage is, it can be a professional area of interest, the Internet or a company of friends. Modern society considers modesty and shyness some sort of rudiment that defines losers or something that graces a woman but not a brutal man who must come forward all the time.

However, who said girls do not like modest or shy guys?

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Anyway, once, you will understand how empty your life is, and how much expectations do not correspond to reality.Social networks have changed the person, they have changed the man.We see how people play the ape, showing off their "successes," incomes and even the intellect, in some sense.Many women suffer from the fact that they are surrounded by hard-boiled men, and they would like to have a gentle and sensitive boyfriend.

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Attempts to pretend to be someone else and to look more decisive can lead to the development of a big number of different complexes.Everyone digs in their swamp and tries to stand out and become a unique person there.