Dating a comic book nerd

08-Jul-2020 19:35

I'm just thankful I managed to escape without telling anyone I'm a dating blogger ...

---------------------------- *a groovy art space in DUMBO ...

As long as the woman isn't too aggressive, she is gonna get a date 9 times out of 10.

HOW TO HANDLE IT IF A NERD MAKES A MOVE ON YOU MAURA: Are nerds more or less likely to make the first move?

) and he seemed to be shorter than I am, which is not my thing. After I kicked him in the shin so he'd shut up, I began shouting at passers-by: "It's not like I'm hitting it off with these jokers--they're just my friends!

Another dude asked me about the last book I'd read--which is, of course, my kind of question. There was a very interesting philosophy professor, who unfortuantely had two things working against him: He lives in New Jersey (too far away!

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west point and dating

FYI: There was only time to meet about dozen people--rather than the full 26. Plenty were quite cute--like one guy in argyle sweater, another in a fisherman's cap, and a third in a pin-striped suit. MATT: Just tell him you're a nerd too and share a story about how you were a smart little kid or can name 65 different handbag designers.He'll be instantly sidetracked from his own tales of nerdom and attracted to your own dorky pursuits. MATT: On a side note, however, if you ever want to "cure" him of his nerdery, that's a bad sign. Till last night, I hadn't myself--and, to be honest, I had no particular interest in doing so. As such, it wasn't until the intermission that I had a chance to check out the other chicks I was up against--and frankly, I was intimidated. (I told her I loved it and she informed it was from Anthropologie.) Another had on a groovy tartan thing. I felt like saying, # THE AFTERMATH Once the whole thing was over, there was a chance to mingle. One of the cuter random speed-dating dudes seemed to be practically making out with one of the chicks.

I mean, many people who might have been "nerds" in, say, high school go on to become huge professional successes. Here's how it was set-up: 26 women take their seats at the bar's 26 tables. (A good range of sartorial styles, too, come to think of it.) # "DO YOU IDENTIFY AS A NERD? I picked up on the vibe that I should lead the conversation, so I started off with, "Really, what does this mean--'nerdiness'--you know? I mean, like, do you really even indetify as a nerd? I mean, I went to a comic book convention last weekend." Oh.

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