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12-Oct-2020 10:23

Those major emotions are almost evenly divided: 37 percent say they’re angry or disappointed in the outcome of the 2016 election, and 38 percent say they’re ecstatic.You’d think this would lead most singles to avoid dating people with political views that are drastically different from their own. In fact, only 17 percent admitted that they wouldn’t date someone who voted for the other candidate.This pack includes 52 cards, each one posing an intriguing question or setting a challenge, designed to provoke, entertain and stimulate.

We’re willing to bet that your relationships have also undergone some serious changes in the last few months — and that includes your approach to love.

Great dates are made up of great conversations: ones where we find out more about one another, discover what makes us both tick, share some of what we like and reveal how we see the world.

This is a collection of cards that can be used on a date to help provoke the best kinds of discussion.

Among the respondents, there was a nearly even split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

While only 61 percent of participants voted in the presidential election, they still had some pretty strong feelings about the current political state.As he fights against them, his strength and skill grows. Hire teammates to increase chance of survival in this world of despair. ■ Info You can use auto-fire when you reach a certain level.