Avoid dating scammers

30-Dec-2019 20:04

Professional dating coach, Lisa Copeland, is here today to give us some tips how to avoid scammers. Margaret Manning: My guest today is Lisa Copeland with Find a Quality Man.

Lisa is a dating coach who deals exclusively with women over 50.

This is how they get you to share more and more of your vulnerabilities; who you are, the pain in your life. At that point in the relationship, the scammer knows this, and they start with the, “I’m in the middle of a business deal, and I only need 000 more to close it.

They ask you specific questions to get to that because they want to find your Achilles’ tendon. Some people have just lost a parent, a child, a spouse. The bank can’t get it to me by Friday, and I don’t want to lose this opportunity. ” Women—and men, too, by the way, because this goes both ways—spend thousands upon thousands of dollars paying scammers.

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When you pour your heart out like that, scammers see that as, “I’ve got one here.” It’s like reeling in a fish.They post fake pictures of themselves, featuring models.

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