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Then Moore had his follower who would later join, Crash Holly (Michael Lockwood), which Moore would call his "Moore-on".

The stable would later being disbanded after Crash was release and Matt would move back to Raw to continue with the storyline with girlfriend Lita.

Trish shrugged her shoulders as she put her elbow pads on. Ashley, Torrie, and Lisa Marie looked at each other. They would wait all night until Trish's match if they had."Okay, I'll tell you, so you'll all leave me alone," Trish said. The three smiled at each other as they waited for an explanation."Okay, I was just sitting around and I got this call from Stephanie saying that she was putting me in a new storyline. Mickie then got out of the ring and back up the ramp waiting. John went to pull the ref out of the ring, but Edge nailed him from behind. John had signed a random picture of himself in the magazine."My friends are going to hate me for this," Jennifer said."Fans of Trish and myself? They're gonna be happy," Jennifer said."You front around here? But I really live in Florida with my mom, step dad, my brother, and step brothers. John smiled against Trish's lips as he kissed back and parted her lips with his tongue. Jeff had been Trish's longest relationship in the last five years."Let me help you find her," John said."No, it's fine. Something about me just seems to draw them away so suddenly. I'm just worried John might suddenly dump me," Trish said."Oh, honey. She had to end it before she got her heart broken down the road. " Randy asked."Sure," Matt said."All right," Randy said. He threw Matt up against the wall and let him go."Mock my words, Orton, my brother isn't worthless. He then walked back into the catering room."Hey, we're gonna go to the Women's Locker Room and see if there was any luck of finding Trish," John said."All right, come on," Randy said. Stacy and Ashley tried to convince her not to do it, but Trish made up her mind. Stacy decided to take Randy to John's locker room where they'd meet up with him a little later. Let's just keep our relationship business."John shook his head. But let me let you know that I've fallen in love with you," John said. The two were having a segment before Trish's match versus Mickie. John promised himself he was going to show Trish that they should be together. Mickie went for a pin on Trish, but Trish kicked out. She smiled and turned to face him."Good morning, beautiful," John said with a bright smile."Good morning," Trish said returning a bright smile. Trish had found out how aggressive John was last night. I gave you all I had last night until we stopped when the sun came up," John said."I asked you show me all night long how much you loved me," Trish said."And I did just that. You just needed to bring it out of my lips," Trish said."Is there anything else I can bring out of your lips? " Trish asked."Anything," John said in between kisses."Come home with me until Friday," Trish said."Sure. Why don't you show me one of the reasons why you're my favorite person," Trish said. That'll be fun for her and your brother-in-law," Matt said."Their problem, not mine," Trish said laughing. Trish smiled as she started fiddling around with the necklace John had given her last Friday."Pretty necklace, Trish," Kaley said."Thank you," Trish said smiling at Kaley. "As a matter of fact he did."John's brothers looked at her."Let me see that," Boog said getting up and looking at the pendant of Trish's necklace. " Trish asked."Well, you got a mighty nice necklace there," Boog said."Yeah, John only gives nice jewelry and gifts to his serious girlfriends," Matt said. It was probably true though or a week long relationship with a girl. Everyone sat quietly watching TV until dinner came. Even though we're not on the same roster," Trish said.

But first she had to end the one with Mickie James first," Trish said."And where did this new idea come from and how is your storyline with Mickie going to end? The ref counted to three and called for the bell."Here are your winners, Edge and Lita," Lilian Garcia said over the microphone. My brother and I actually took a few days off school to come and see my dad. Then he tasted every inch of her mouth with his tongue. "I'm happy for you," Randy said."Thanks," John said."Come on, let's go see if the girls are in the catering room," Randy said."All right," John said. "Jeff Hardy's here," Stacy said."Jeff Hardy as in Trish's ex Jeff Hardy? "The two exchanged some words and then Trish ran off."Randy shook his head. I don't know all that you and John did, but I know he likes you a lot," Ashley said."Yeah, but how long will it last? Randy walked out of the catering room and down the hall a little. Randy suddenly grabbed onto him and rammed him hard against the wall."You are a fucking idiot, you know that right! " Matt said."You asshole, you bring your stupid brother here and Trish sees him. John, Randy, Torrie, and Lisa Marie then all walked out of the room. Everyone all met up outside the Women's Locker Room. John and Trish stayed outside and talked."You okay, something seems like it's on your mind," John said."No, we need to talk, John," Trish said."What's on your mind? He was also trying to figure out why Trish had suddenly backed down from a relationship with him. Trish was able to deliver the Stratusfaction on Mickie and get the win."Here is your winner and still the Women's Champion, Trish Stratus," Lilian said over the microphone. I've been Women's Champion for over a year and if I remember correctly I got my sixth reign as Women's Champion when I beat you at New Year's Revolution last year! But your luck will fun out Trish and you'll get a beat down when you least expect it. But there was a sudden roar from the crowd."Wait its John Cena," King said. John leaned in and captured Trish's lips in a sizzling passionate kiss. John had gotten very rough with Trish when they were making love the night before. John and Trish pulled apart a few minutes later."Last night was so amazing and indescribable," Trish said. But what I wanted to hear came out of your mouth last night," John said. I won't have to be away from you," John said as he kissed Trish one last time on the lips."Goodie," Trish said with a smile."Since I'm gonna be going home with you, will I be meeting your family? She was such a cute little girl."Where'd you get it? John was also a bit of player on the times Trish was with Jeff, Jericho, and Christian."Sweetie, its adult talk. He really didn't want to bring up exes in front of Trish. John wrapped his arm tighter around Trish so she was closer to him. All though, Matt and Boog did instead to whisper to each other every so often. John noticed this and grew very suspicious of his younger brothers. He looked over at his dad."How's Randy, Stacy, and all them?

Mat was nineteen and Jef was sixteen when both have joined back in 1993.

it was until 1998 they were given full-time contracts as a tag team.

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I then walk away," Trish said."Wow," Lisa Marie said."Oh my god. There was fire in the eyes of the Canadian Diva and her old rival, Lita."Well, old feuds stare each other down," King said. Lita ended up knocking Trish down and going for a pin. She tried to make it over to tag John, but Edge grabbed onto her."No, Edge!

All three tag teams would face each other in a Ladder Match (To win, one opponent most grab a suitcase or a belt that is dangling from the top over ring) in Wrestlemania 2000.

Though the Hardyz lost, they gave a great performance. Later, both the Hardys found a new manager with their real-life friend Lita, which they named their team "Team Xtreme".

However, the Hardyz ditched Hayes after losing the titles to Ganrel's ('David Heath') tag team, The New Brood, who were Edge ('Adam Copeland') and Christian (Jason Reso).

The Hardyz would soon gain Terri Runnels as their manager when Gangrel was dropped. The Hardyz would later face Edge and Christian again, but with the Dudley Boyz, Buubba Ray Dudley ('Mark Lamonica') and D-Von Dudley (Devon Hughes).

" Torrie asked."Yes, please tell them this part," Ashley said. My dad took us to the Raw event and Smack Down event," Jennifer said."I hope you had fun," Trish said."I did. Randy Orton and Stacy Keibler are my personal favorite. Chapter 6Wednesday passed onto Thursday and Thursday passed onto Friday. The two kissed for a couple of minutes and then pulled apart."So I'll meet up with you in the catering room a little later? I'm just gonna talk with the girls for some time, but I'll meet you in the catering room," Trish said."All right," John said. She then grabbed her stuff and made her way down the hall to the Women's Locker Room. John and Randy then headed out of the locker room."So no Smack Down houseshows this weekend? I was able to convince Tony to let Stacy come out here for the weekend, but she has to get back to L. on Sunday," Randy said."Al least you have her for the weekend," John said."Oh yeah," Randy said. Trish smiled as listened to what Stacy had to say about being able to be there with Trish, Torrie, and Lisa Marie. Stacy and Ashley both went in different directions to try and find Trish. You know how sensitive Trish is about her love life. " John asked."I've been doing something thinking, John and I think it's best if we just keep our relationship strictly business," Trish said."What? " John asked."I just feel like I don't feel what we have is going to work out," Trish said."How could it not? He thought Stacy and Randy had explained it to him the other day, but he wasn't listening. The referee held up Trish's arm as Trish held up her title. And you suddenly get blindsided when you least expect it," Lita said. Trish hit the mat and she looked to see who knocked her down."Oh my god, its Edge," King said."Edge just knocked Trish down," Joey said. Trish gladly kissed back as she part John's lips with her tongue. It's not talk for little girls," Veronica said pulling her daughter into her lap."Okay," Kaley said. John walked in then."Stupid idiots are really busy. John smiled back at her and wrapped his arm around her."So did you all tell Trish my dirty little secrets while I was gone? Trish caught on too and shook her head at it."What are you two whispering about over there? That got everyone's attention."Nothing," Matt and Boog chorused.

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